Finding the best person for a special task

Our expertise – your advantage

For many years, the SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search team has successfully helped companies in the financial services and real estate industries to recruit top tier individuals and whole groups of experts. Targeted direct searches, a deep understanding of the requirement profiles and years of industry knowledge lay the foundation of our above-average success rate and exceptional customer satisfaction associated with numerous follow-up orders. Delivering top engagement and quality in consulting and service – these are the clear aims of SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search and the key to success.

SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search is exceptional in that the client and candidate sides are managed exclusively by the same personnel consultant. This not only guarantees the highest quality in the selection process, it also gives clients the certainty that their interests and desires will be handled flexibly and reliably. Our far-reaching but closely connected network guarantees the client the best possible selection of personnel in a wide range of companies. And thanks to fine-tuned collaboration with partner offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne we can put together large teams quickly.

Absolute discretion, total reliability, networked knowledge of the market and a relationship of mutual trust – this is what SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search stands for.

Client benefits:

  • Access to the best available experts and leaders in the market
  • Timely and precise filling of posts
  • Independent assessment of candidates
  • Absolutely discreet personnel search
  • Support for Human Resources



With an eye for the essentials

The professional for professionals

Sabine Märten can look back on more than three decades of experience in recruiting board members, managing directors and executives as well as in finding proven specialists in the financial services and real estate sectors.

Her work is characterised by qualified expertise, continuous training in the subjects of personnel selection, interview techniques and body language, as well as her cooperation with a wide ranging network of psychologists and coaches. Sabine Märten has received the “Certified Executive Recruitment Consultant” certificate from the German Federal Association of Management Consultants for her high professional standards.

„We have the experience to identify, assess and win over top tier managers and experts for our clients.“


Sabine Märten’s
expert knowledge:

  • Member of the Board of private equity company AIFOTEC AG, with responsibility for human resources, M&A, legal, organization and subsidies
  • Member of the Management of Hannover Leasing GmbH & Co KG, with responsibility for the area of structured finance and real estate funds for Germany and the U.S.
  • Project Manager and later Department Director in the KG Allgemeine Leasing group, responsible for acquisition, design and project management of structured financing for real estate and big-ticket movable assets
  • Trainee Corporate Banking at Dresdner Bank AG
  • Diploma in Business Administration at the University of Passau, with additional qualifications from New York University