Executive Search

Successful selection of executives and experts

Executive Search

Searching systematically for highly qualified executives and experts gives a company a clear competitive advantage. This is why decisions about personnel should be made in a professional manner. And decision makers selecting staff should be able to rely on an experienced advisor. The essential guarantees of success are the ability of the personnel consultant to quickly win top talents, absolute objectivity and the capacity to make an unbiased judgment.

The SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search team of consultants helps companies to attract the best available talents for the job. Our excellent access to eligible individuals is based on carefully maintained personal contacts, recommendations from the market, continuous screening of candidates and a professional research database.

„It’s not just about horses for courses. Excellent personnel consultants can find the ideal candidate for the most unusual positions.“

Finding executives and experts and winning them for a client is a task which we trust exclusively to personnel consultants with many years of industry and management experience as well as proven judgment. In order to offer a high quality service and to quickly fill positions, SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search partners only represent a limited number of clients at one time.

Highest quality is guaranteed by the membership of SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search in the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V), the trade and professional association of corporate consulting (strategy consulting, organizational consulting, IT consulting, HR consulting and recruitment). The inclusion criteria are strict. Each member is required to align its operation to the association’s code of professional ethics and the principles of proper and qualified recruiters.

Services of SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search:

The quality process

For SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search, recruitment is a structured process that is based on high standards of quality and guarantees transparency. Six steps are crucial to successfully fill of a top position.

  • Step 1: Client expectations
    The foundation of any successful recruitment is an intensive exchange of information about the company, the new colleagues and the tasks involved in the position. Also important are the expectations that the company has of the candidate. If the position to be filled is new for the company, SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search can apply its extensive knowledge of the market and can quickly assess whether and where managers or experts with the required profile can be found.
  • Step 2: Candidate qualities
  • Step 3: Search
  • Step 4: Assessment
  • Step 5: Presentation
  • Step 6: Support

Salary surveys

Every skill has its value

A clear view of compensation structures

Does a company offer its executives and employees a salary structure in line with the market? Is the pay for a newly created position adequate?

In order to verify and assure the salary level, SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search creates individual summaries of the current market situation. These studies are based on deep industry knowledge, our extensive database and interviews with personnel managers and candidates.

Individual coaching

Developing a personal strategy for success

Planning career success

Executives and professionals looking for new career challenges always benefit from preparing with a professional sparring partner. SABINE MÄRTEN Executive Search helps executives and professionals take their next career step on the basis of an individually tailored plan.